Hey I’m Miss Baking,

Firstly thank you so much for visiting my blog :)

Growing up my Granny looked after me lots and she loved to bake – I’ve got fond memories of Jam tarts and mince pies. (My mum is also a great baker) Don’t want to leave her out :-P  I love being in the kitchen with her and she taught me how to bake from a very young age – (apparently I was only 2 years old!) I was passed on a special little baking book from my Granny to my mum then finally to me – it’s falling to bits but most of my recipes have originated from it and I love how simple and classic the recipes are.

I’ve started blogging and making videos on my YouTube to encourage everyone to get in the kitchen and I’m educating myself on nutrition so I can create healthy alternatives. So my site will not only be baking recipes but all sorts of healthy but tasty food!

Miss Baking is my passion and I hope everyone will try out some of my recipes and realise baking doesn’t have to be too complicated or too expensive. And now I’ve started experimenting with raw, vegan ingredients and super food alternatives it can also be nutritious but delicious :)

So have a go, it’s fun, yum and sometimes even good for your tum!

Love, Peace, Cake

MissBaking xoxo



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